Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Justice For All?

This was really hard for me to believe - Washington, D.C. - you know, the seat of our American government - the place where the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed - has NO wheelchair accessible taxi cabs.

But it's true. From the Washington Post on November 10th:

"Two taxi companies -- Yellow Cab and Royal Cab -- will put their first wheelchair-accessible vehicles into service in December, and the firms should have a total of 20 cabs that can handle wheelchairs in service by January.

The federally funded project, which the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board initiated last year, also will receive matching funds from the D.C. Taxicab Commission. None of the District's current 6,500 taxis are equipped with a wheelchair ramp or lift. Most of the neighboring jurisdictions have accessible taxi service, including Arlington, Montgomery and Prince George's counties and Alexandria. "

Thanks for the heads up, Lucy!

Today I am thankful for the antivirus software on my computer which caught yet another nasty piece of malware today.

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