Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Beautiful and Rare Bloom

It is so fascinating to watch my children grow and mature. I can almost see the adults they will soon become just by really observing and listening to them. Their personalities are solidifying – their likes and dislikes are gradually changing – they are forming opinions of their own and sticking to them regardless of peer influence. I know this may sound trite, but they are like beautiful and rare flowers just waiting to bloom.

Ashley especially has changed over the last couple of years. The physical changes are obvious – she longer has the look of a child. Rather, she has the high cheekbones and beautiful composed smile of a young adult. She has become more caring, more gentle with others and with herself. I watch her worry over things that a few years ago would have escaped even her notice. And for a child with deafblindness, all this is even more amazing.

She is more in tune with her world now. Gentle, soft touches to get her attention have replaced the stronger, more insistent physicality she required as a child. Even though her vision is limited to about 1-2 inches from her one good eye, she has turned into an insightful reader of faces and emotions. She can sense more easily the things that go on around her, including other people’s stress, fear, anger, or joy.

Perhaps that is one of the gifts of her deafblindness. I have always doubted the statement that if a person loses one sense (e.g. sight), the other senses compensate and get better. So I don’t think that is what is going on with Ashley. I believe she is just maturing into an exceptional person regardless of her disabilities.


Attila the Mom said...

She's growing into such a lovely young woman!

MomOf4 said...

This is a lovely post for a lovely young woman!

Cinda said...

I was referring to YOU in my blog as well as all of your comrade in arms! Beautiful post!

Corrie Howe said...

I do believe that children with weaknesses in some areas have gifts beyond their peers in other areas.

Katherine said...

When I read this post I thought,"Wow! How beautiful! Your words exude such great motherly pride! There is so much love ... and I love that!!!