Friday, September 17, 2010

John and Michael

So many times I have seen and heard people with disabilities being discouraged from having loving and intimate relationships. Sometimes that discouragement has sounded suspiciously like forbidding.

Never have I understood the reasons why.

I stumbled across this video clip from the National Film Board of Canada. This animated short pays tribute to two men with Down's syndrome who shared an intimate and profoundly loving relationship that deeply affected the filmmaker, Shira Avni. Narrator Brian Davis, also intellectually challenged, brings the men alive with great sensitivity, and I absolutely love his laugh.

I understand that the subjects in this video and their relationship may make some of you uncomfortable. Not only because they are disabled, but also because they are of the same sex. I just ask that you set those uncomfortable feelings aside for a moment so you can drink in how very special a relationship these two people found in each other. I wish everyone could be as blessed and as happy.


MMC said...

That was definitely different. And very very sad.

Rubypat said...

Beautifully portrayed. We all need the love and compassion of someone to help us through this life.

Cheryl said...

did you find it through my facebook? Prob not. What bothers me, and I've been wanting to discuss with someone, is how young Michael is. Is he a child? This is something I haven't figured out. Because then, I have a problem with that, as I hope does everybody.

Terena said...

that was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley's Mom said...

Hi Cheryl! I found it by following some links on Dave Hingburger's blog. I remember it was a lot of clicks to get to it so I don't remember the exact path.

I know that in the animation Michael looks young. But I really do think it is two men for a few reasons:

1. It was funded and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. I don't think they would endorse something involving such a relationship between a grown man and a boy.

2. The film maker says it is the story of two "men".

3. and finally, they appear to live in a group home. I know there are children's group home, but nowhere near as many as the adult homes. The home portrayed in the film appears to be an adult home.

But, I don't really know. I'm just going to hope that it is really the story of two men.

Queenbuv3 said...

I support love. As long as it is between consenting adults (or consenting teens, etc.) than it is nobody's business whether it is two men, two women or a man and a woman. I have always talked openly to both my kids about homosexuality/bisexuality/transgender issues and raised them to be accepting of those people that may be different than themselves. I have never assumed that my son with severe Autism and limited verbal skills is heterosexual. I hope that he finds someone, male or female, that he connects with on his level.

Ashley's Mom said...

Bravo, Queenbuv3!! I have done the same thing with all my kids.

Casdok said...


Azaera said...

That was so beautiful and touching. Love is love, and it transcends all things. Race, gender, ability, everything. I really tried not to cry at the end.. Thank you so much for sharing this.