Friday, March 11, 2011

Good News Friday

Here are a few stories I found this week.

Although the robot in this story looks a little creepy to me, apparently making it look as human-like as possible has a real benefit for children who are autistic.

Finally, my conservative and not-very-disability-friendly state is doing something right. Due to the efforts of some students from Northern Virginia, sign language may now be offered as a foreign language credit in Virginia schools - assuming the Governor signs the bill. Come on, Bobby, do the right thing.

While being able to 'see' Facebook photos might not be my first choice for someone who is blind, the technology behind this effort holds great promise!

And one more bit of technology - We may not use cash as often as we once did, but there are still times when it comes in handy or is necessary, and that can pose some problems for the visually impaired. LookTel has released a Money Reader app for the IPhone that can recognize bills up to $100 demonination and then speak the amount to the person who is blind. How cool is that?!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Terena said...

that money reading is app is VERY cool. thanks for the heads up