Monday, March 14, 2011

Soup with Goldfish Crackers

My friend, Lynnette, is a single parent to a beautiful daughter named Brooke. Brooke has severe disabilities and lives each day with a trach and a ventilator. She goes to her neighborhood school and has nursing support while at school, and for a few hours each Saturday. Other than those times, Lynnette is her only caregiver.

Lynnette works full-time at a school that serves children with severe disabilities. She has dedicated her life to caring for the most fragile children, children who like Brooke, have smiles that light the world and needs that often seem overwhelming.

Oh, and Lynnette has multiple sclerosis.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I'm going to ask each of you a favor.

Lynnette, as you can imagine, has to take a lot of time off from work. Mostly the time off is for Brooke's doctor's appointments, but often the time is for her own doctor's appointments. It doesn't take long at all for all Lynnette's school leave time to be exhausted. She is now in the situation of having to take leave without pay. Her paychecks are hundreds of dollars short each time. Imagine for a moment how difficult that must be for a single parent. But Lynnette, like most of us parents of children with significant disabilities, has her priorities and nothing, not even lost pay, will stand in the way of caring for her daughter.

Ok, here comes the favor.

Twice a year, Lynnette's school has a contest to see who can collect the most Campbell's Soup Label points. The winner gets a full day off. That is like manna from heaven to Lynnette.

So I need your labels! We need to make sure that Lynnette gets that day off - and that her burden is lightened, if only just for a day. And in the process of helping Lynnette, we will also be helping her school and the precious children that attend there.

The labels are on every type of Campbell's soups. The Soup At Hand ones have 5 points each. The regular soup cans have 1 point each. And recently I found some boxes of Goldfish crackers that have 100 points each!!

I will gladly reimburse anyone for sending me labels. If you are able to help, email me (email link is on the right side of my blog), and then I will send you my address.

Thank you in advance for considering my request!

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