Monday, November 14, 2011

Can't Get In

I really like that Ronnie is in an inclusive setting at school. I think all children with disabilities should be. But, an interesting dilemma arises from time to time, and it has both a positive and a negative aspect.

Many of Ronnie's non-disabled peers treat him no differently than any other friend. That is the good part. In fact, because they don't think of him as different, they often invite him to their homes to 'hang out'. The negative aspect is that they don't consider things like how he will actually get into their home, or how he can use the bathroom at their home.

Very, very few homes, at least in my area, have wheelchair ramps. Many have very steep outside steps at both the front and rear of the house. As such, Ronnie cannot get into their homes. There have been times when the parents of his peers offer to lift him in his chair and carry him into their homes. I appreciate that, but there is just something about it that bothers me.

And if he does get in the house, if his friend's bathroom doesn't have grab bars, it will be very difficult for Ronnie to use the bathroom. What that means is that we do need to schedule visits around his cathing schedule. Again, not an optimum aspect of a visit.

We usually work around this situation by inviting Ronnie's peers to our home. But I know he would really like to be able to get out and visit at someone else's home from time to time.

It's just one of those things that I wish I could make better, but I really don't know how...


Just the Tip said...

I have nothing of substance to add, but, blah. And I'm sorry.

You know Morgan's PT office, doesn't have a ramp?! I found that SO odd. It has steps. I took the stroller the first time and was baffled!

Molly said...

my friend Anissa had a stroke. She's in a wheelchair. At one conference she had to get lifted onto the platform to speak. I wasn't a huge fan. It was nice of them to make the effort, but she shouldn't have to rely on a bunch of dudes to lift her on and off the platform! accessibility people. IT IS NECESSARY!

Ashley's Mom said...

Molly, I follow Anissa religiously! I agree with the lifting. I appreciate the effort but it is often embarassing. Is a ramp such a big deal to install????