Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Market Only For Some

Ahhh, Black Friday - that time when we witness both the worst and the best in people. And sometimes, the worst and the best of accessibility. Just trying to move among the crowds with two children in wheelchairs is challenging. I really don't need retailers to do things that make it even more challenging, but it seems that is what I find every year.

In fact, two years ago, we tried to shop at a store named World Market. We couldn't get into the store. Here is why:

The ONLY curb cut anywhere near the store is just to the right of the front of the store. One might assume that you could then turn left after going up the curb cut and proceed to the front door of the store. But no....

There is a street sign between the store front column and the curb, completely blocking the sidewalk. Our second attempt to enter involved going behind the column to get to the front door. Nope...didn't work either because the store used that to contain extra merchandise boxes.

We were completely and totally excluded from the store.

After taking everyone back to our car, I went into the store to mention the problem to the store manager. To put it nicely, he didn't seem too interested at that point. Several months after the rush of Black Friday, I went back to the store and mentioned the problem to an assistant manager, an assistant manager who assured me they didn't want to exclude anyone from their store. That was well over a year ago.

So, we tried again this year. EXACT SAME PROBLEM!

You know, one of the TV news channels in my area posts pictures of people who are arrested each week. I wonder if they would be interested in posting pictures like this one of World Market and other establishments who limit access???

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