Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday

I have a new obsession - like I really needed a new obsession - and it is a wonderful way to lose hours, maybe even days without even getting drunk. That obsession is

One of the many things I 'pinned' to my boards, and then decided to actually try was the tomato cage Christmas tree.

I took one of our cages, turned it upside down, used a twist tie to connect the legs into a point, and it already looked like a tree. Then I wrapped it in miniature Christmas lights, and I LOVE the result! I may even have to make a tomato cage tree forest now!

Here's a close up to prove it really is a tomato cage:

And here is the finished product:

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Molly said...

loooooooove pinterest. it is such a time suck. I think I'm under Roneydapony on there if you need more stuff to peruse!