Tuesday, August 14, 2012


How do you define acceptance? What does the word mean as it relates to you or your family member with a disability?

Do you get angry if you think people are not accepting, and I don’t mean just a token acceptance?

Do you feel like all, most or none of the people in your life accept your family member with a disability?

Have you done things trying to force people to accept your family member with a disability? If so, have they worked?

Have you given up on trying to make people accept your family member with a disability? If so, was it an easy choice and does it remain easy to live with that approach?

How does your family member feel about acceptance? Do you believe they are happy with the circle of people around them at this particular time, or do they wish for more?

I’m dealing with the whole issue of acceptance and could really use your advice…


Lucy Cash said...

We don't have any family, but I'm part of a focus committee at church for not just inclusivity but active ministry for those with differences of all types. It's been very thought-provoking in a really rewarding way.

(In this capacity, I had to speak to the congregation about what it means for me spiritually. I detest public speaking, and I don't think I'm good at it (I speak too quickly, I don't make enough eye contact, etc), but if you'd like to see a copy, I'm happy to send you one.)

mommy~dearest said...

I don't have answers, as we are going through this as well... And I think always will be.

What we're currently facing, is the "token acceptance", or acceptance with strings. I'm finding that as long as I'm there to explain why jaysen does what he does / says what he says, etc... the acceptance is fine. But the minute I'm not there to "interpret" my son, it's out the door, and he's back to being a "bad kid".

There is a growing sadness and worry inside me, because I'm not always going to be there to "interpret" him. Nor should I be.

It gets old with family especially. My family for the most part, accepts my son to a certain degree. But as soon as it inconveniences them...nope. Or the best yet, from an ex... "I don't care if he's Autistic, I wouldn't stand for that and he'd be on permanent punishment until he shaped up."

Seriously... just as much as these people don't "get it", I don't "get" them.

Hugs to you guys, because I know how heartbreaking this is.