Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Special Exposure Wednesday

Most of the time, Ashley walks wherever she wishes to go. But when we are walking long distances, say around a theme park or at the mall, she prefers her wheelchair. I prefer it under those circumstances also because if she has a seizure, it is a lot safer for her.

She doesn't need a specialized wheelchair with positioning support or other such bells and whistles. She pretty much uses the same type of chair that someone's grandmother might use. But she does still like for it to be stylish!

Ashley got a new wheelchair this week - all shiny black with blue streaks - and she loves it! She never, ever uses her chair in the house, but on the day I brought it home, she insisted on using it exclusively! I had to draw the line when she wanted me to push her to the bathroom, but I did let her enjoy it while working on her iPad!

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