Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Standing Tall

Recently some of Ronnie's doctors as well as his physical therapist have decided that Ronnie needs some more upright time, time not spent sitting in his wheelchair. Apparently, being upright will aid with digestion, avoiding urinary tract infections and will help him avoid osteoporosis in the future. They've all said that it is a good practice for someone who is paralyzed to get into a standing position on a regular basis.

The first thought was that Ronnie would need a stander, a device that he would get strapped into for some period of the day, which would allow him to stand up. He could do school work - art class, for example - or he could do homework or even something like washing the dishes while being upright. But then the physical therapist and an equipment representative hit on another idea - a standing wheelchair.

There are two manufacturers that make manual, standing wheelchairs. There are a lot more that make power standing wheelchairs, but Ronnie does not need a power chair (even though he would love one so he could go fast around his school campus!). The equipment rep is going to contact the two manufacturers and see if we can get one of each chair for Ronnie to try.

He's pretty excited about it, and I think if it works, it will help not only with health benefits but also with social benefits. He will be able to finally be at eye level with his peers (and kissing level with his girlfriend!), and I think he will like that very much!

Here are some pictures of one of the chairs:

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