Monday, September 24, 2012

A Week Later

It's been a week since Ashley was abused by a school staff person. A week during which the school district is refusing to tell me anything.

I know that the pediatrician filed a report with Child Protective Services, but every time I ask the school if they did, they won't answer me. I have asked verbally and in writing for an explanation on how the injury happened, and the only answer I get is that it is a personnel matter and they can't share anything with me.

Silly me, I thought it was a child abuse issue.

My latest email to Central Office (the place I was passed off to by the school principal) brought a response that said, "I am conducting a thorough investigation but because it is a personnel matter, I can't share anything with you."

I think it's time for a call to an attorney. What do you think?

(Ashley's arm is still bruised and a little swollen. Since it's been a week and it's still that way, you can imagine how bad the injury was....)


Lucy Cash said...

It is inconceivable that they think you will just go away without an answer. You can hire an attorney, you can hold a press conference, or you can do both.

Poor Ashley! You have no way of reassuring her that it won't happen again since you have no idea what exactly "it" is or why "it" happened in the first place.

It is cruel for her to be required by law to be someplace where she cannot expect a very minimal level of safety. Have you seen any emotional effects in Ashley since this?

Just the Tip said...

Has Ashley been back at school?

Gee too bad parents under suspicion can't say, "it was a family matter."

I think you atleast need to speak to a lawyer, especially if you have some type of decreased fee program through your employment.

I don't see how they can hold information from you, it still seems to me like you could press charges on the person who did it, even though they work at the school..

schnitzelbank said...

Hi, a teacher here. You can believe that the first observer also reported it to CPS, they are *mandated reporters*, which means they will get themselves into a load of trouble, if they *didn't* report it. I am sure the principal also followed up with CPS.

I am sure the silence includes them lining up their "risk assessment" team (aka lawyers), in the event of a lawsuit. Personally, I would never talk to their lawyer without one of my own. Just my two cents.

Because there is an internal investigation underway, I am imagining that the employee is on paid administrative leave, and will be fired at the conclusion of the investigation. It's possible that you will only learn of the person's name with the minutes of the school board meetings. There are usually announcements about personnel changes. No real "details," just names and that they are no longer employed with the district.

You may also want to talk to the police about filing assault charges against the perpetrator, s/he will never work with children or people with special needs again. You will probably find out more information from the detective, than you will through CPS at this point.

I'm very sorry this happened to Ashley. How is she coping? Is she feeling afraid to go to school?

Ashley's Mom said...

Ashley seemed a little emotional about going back to school last week, right after the injury happened. She is back to her normal happy self this week. That is probably due to the fact that the person who inflicted the injury is no longer at the school (but I don't know if she is still working for the school district), and because the teacher she loves has been giving her a bunch of extra attention.

I have some eyes and ears at the school that are keeping very close tabs on Ashley right now. I really think this was all the doing of just one person, and not the culture of the school. I have always been very happy with the school, the teacher, most of the staff, and I know Ashley has loved going there.

I've got a call into an attorney now....