Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tequila at School?

Have you heard the country music song titled, "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off?" It's about a woman who goes out partying and everything is fine unless she drinks tequila. If she drinks tequila, first she loses her shoes....then her earrings...then her jacket....and well, you get the idea.

I have to wonder if Ashley's high school is serving her tequila.

The first morning of school, I received am email from the teacher telling me that Ashley's shoes were rubbing her feet because she didn't have any socks on. I told the teacher that Ashley got on the bus with shoes AND socks that morning.

Then, when Ashley arrived home and I was helping her change out of her clothes, I noticed that she didn't have any underwear on.

The socks mystery has been solved - Ashley took her shoes and socks off on the bus, but the bus aide chose not to put her socks back on with her shoes. They handed me her socks this morning when they came to pick her up. I told the bus driver that she should not be allowed to take her shoes and socks off on the bus, and that she understands the word "NO" quite well. The drives scoffed and said, "yea she does but she still does what she wants." I told him that was unacceptable, and that I assumed there was an aide on the bus to help with such situations. He scoffed again. (I won't describe the aide in detail but will share this, it takes the aide 10 minutes to step off the bus, lower the ramp, tell Ronnie to get on the ramp, raise the ramp, and then secure the ramp door. 10 MINUTES!!!)

The underwear mystery is not solved.

Guess that was some good tequila....


Just the Tip said...

I think the underwear thing would have me throwing a fit! Maybe because P has genito-urinary issues and i'm more sensitive/scared of things happening that shouldn't when she starts public school with having to allow people access to 'down there'

Does she have an aide go with her to the bathroom? I mean underwear seem kinda hard to loose! lol

Ashley's Mom said...

Tip, I think we have figured it out. The bathroom has a screen in it so the students can have privacy but still have an aide nearby if necessary. Since Ashley is blind, her aide is pretty close but doesn't stand there and watch her. Ash probably just got confused pulling her clothes back on and forgot the underwear. If she couldn't see them, she probably just gave up trying to find them. Not sure why the aide didn't see them though...