Friday, March 1, 2013

Fancy Schmancy

My house is starting to feel like a wheelchair store, but Ronnie got a new chair and it is something else!

Research shows that a person who uses a wheelchair 100% of the time can definitely benefit from also spending some time standing. This is often accomplished by investing in a stander as well as the wheelchair. But Ronnie's physical therapist found us something else - a wheelchair that goes into a standing position!

Here he is sitting in the chair...

And here he is with it in the standing position....

It's still a manual wheelchair. He has complete control over when and how straight he wishes to stand. He can now work on skills such as hanging up his own clothes, cooking and washing dishes. He can stand up to play a video game if he wants, and he can even stand and 'dance' at his school prom! Needless to say, he is loving his new chair!

(The picture above of him throwing a basketball might give the impression that he can play basketball with this particular chair. He cannot because the chair does not have the correct camber of wheels needed for safety and even more importantly, when he is in a standing position, he cannot move the chair.)

ATM: Watching the wheels turn in Ronnie's mind as he figures out how many new things he can do with his standing wheelchair...

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