Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trust Me - ROFL!

It's going to rain today. Probably torrential rain. How do I know? Ashley has her ultrasound scheduled today at the hospital.

I was quite surprised after the cat scan debacle to get the ultrasound scheduled so quickly. But there may still be complications in actually getting it done.

The folks at the hospital in the ultrasound lab don't want to do the test under anesthesia. Even though the doctor's office and I both emphasized the fact that Ashley will not even get out of her wheelchair and onto the stretcher, they think they can do the test without sedation. ROFL.....!!!!!!!

The ultrasound tech did make the comment that if Ashley gets too distressed, they will give her a mild sedative. ROFL....!!!!!

I told them that 'mild seditives' usually have the opposite effect on her. I could even give them references from other medical staff that had that same idea. The tech said 'Trust me' and stood firm. ROFL.....!!!!

So we are on our way to the hospital. I have put Ashley in a pair of shorts with the hope that they won't try to get her to undress. Undressing is not something she will consent to when not under anesthesia. I will update later this afternoon, or maybe even sooner, once they realize that I really do know what does and doesn't work for my child.

ATM: Ashley's excitement today when she put on shorts for the first time since last September...


Just the Tip said...

ah. reminds me of the, "we'll give her an ipad and some versed, she will be fine! We've never had a kid not be.."

"ok but...she needs 2 doses of versed and she's not going to be fine."

*hear child screaming for 45 mins from procedure room*

I don't know why people don't believe us when we say we KNOW our child.

Also, it was raining like crazy here this morning! =(

Can't wait to hear how it went.

jwg said...

On one hand, I hope it goes well and they are able to get what they need. On the other hand, I hope she raises hell just so they will learn a valuable lesson about listening to parents.