Monday, April 15, 2013

A Step In The Right Direction

I've been trying hard to live a healthier lifestyle, and provide healthier choices for my family.  I've learned from past attempts at this that we need to go slowly making changes or the sudden shift becomes something we can't sustain.

So my first step was getting a Vitamix blender.  I researched and researched different blenders but have been so very happy with the Vitamix.  I use it to make smoothies every morning.  I started with just fruit smoothies knowing that would be an easier sell to my family.  But over the last couple of weeks, the fruit smoothies have turned into green smoothies.  I just throw in a handful of baby spinach, and other than turning the drink green, no one can tell that there is spinach in it.

I've also made the smoothie size small for my kids, letting them still have a portion of the breakfast food that is familiar - cereal, yogurt, waffles.  We've even expanded to having the smoothies, or juices, sometimes with a meal - apple carrot juice for example, instead of iced tea.

We've also been eating more fish than before and eating less red meat.  That hasn't been a problem to sell because everyone seems to like fish.  We make the fruit and vegetables the biggest serving on our plates and the meat or fish portion a little smaller.

And, we've added exercise.  Chip, Ashley and I like the treadmill and Ronnie likes going outside an playing basketball.  We're going to stop sending our dog to doggie daycare and take him for twice a day long walks.  In addition to saving money, we'll also be getting exercise.  And we are planting a garden so we have lots of really fresh veggies this summer!

It's a slow journey, but at least it is a journey in the right direction.  We still have our pizza and fast food sometimes, but I'm noticing that we're not missing it as much as I thought.  I'll update as our journey progresses, but even with the small changes made to date, I am feeling much better and think my children are also!

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