Thursday, April 25, 2013

Answers Finally

Yesterday Ashley saw a vascular surgeon, and we finally have answers about why her leg and foot are swollen!

If you remember this journey, it all began last October. After many blood tests, a cat scan, and two ultrasounds - after too many visits to the pediatrician to count and one to an oncologist - yesterday's visit with the vascular surgeon brought our search to an end.

Ashley has lymphedema praecox.

Her body is not moving lymphatic fluid as well as it should. It's a problem that is seen usually in young women in their late teens to their early thirties. And although there is a surgical procedure that could deal with the issue, it comes with some negative side effects - for instance, a propensity for the body to form blood clots. The vascular surgeon said that because her swelling is moderate and not severe that he would not recommend the surgery. So his recommendations are:
  • Elevate the leg and foot whenever possible
  • Wear a compression sock
  • and get as much exercise as possible

The last one sounded a little strange to me, but apparently exercise helps to move the fluid better.

I'll get the compression sock this weekend (it's a prescription item), and will see if I can wrestle Ashley's leg into it, and we'll try a little more time on the treadmill too. I'm just so glad this ordeal has come to an end, and still wonder if it really had to take this long....

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Just the Tip said...

I'm so glad you finally got an answer!!!