Friday, August 16, 2013

Not So Happy Happy Tail

Imagine going to pick up your dog from doggie daycare and as usual, he is thrilled to see you and starts wagging his tail frantically. Then imagine that his tail looks like a paintbrush at the end, and he is painting the daycare worker's leg with blood. Yep, your dog has "Happy Tail." I swear, that is exactly what is called. It happens frequently to large dogs, especially labs, because their long, strong tails seem to never stop wagging. They can clear a coffee table in seconds or knock a toddler off his feet - all in the name of love and excitement.

So off to the vet we went. In severe cases, doggie parents have had to make the difficult decision whether to amputate a portion of the tail if the injury never heals and risks infection. Fortunately, Cooper's tail wasn't that bad yet. The vet said he didn't need stitches, or worse, but advised up to not let him wag his tail so much. Say what????!!!

For the next few days at least, we will try to be a little low key, no 'How's the puppy boy....good dog...good dog....yea, that's right...Cooper, Cooper, Cooper pooper", no overt excitement or rolling around on the floor with him. Maybe we can just be calm, and maybe, just maybe if his buddy, and our other dog, Lewis, will settle down a bit, Cooper's not so happy happy tail can heal. Yea that, and maybe it will snow tomorrow...

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