Monday, August 26, 2013


About 6 months ago I applied for social security disability for Ashley. The application process was very confusing, but fortunately the person assigned to her case was very helpful. She explained the process to me and got information about all of Ashley's doctors and schools which she had attended. She also told me that it would take a while because her office would have to contact all those people, and there are indeed a lot of them, and once they heard back, she would be back in touch with me.

Finally last week, 6 months after our original conversation, I heard from her. She told me that Ashley would need to see two doctors of their choosing, and that information about the appointments would be mailed to me. I admit I was a little confused, but in the interest of keeping things moving, I said 'OK'.

I got the paperwork in the mail last Friday. Ashley is scheduled to see both an eye doctor and an ear doctor. Now I really am confused. Is social security doubting that Ashley is deafblind? Were the reports from her eye and ear doctors not sufficient? And honestly, if anyone from social security would just meet Ashley, the fact that one of her eyes is totally white and the only way she can see with the'good' eye is to bring something about an inch away from it would make it more than obvious that she is blind, and if they stand behind her and yell, they would have no problem understanding that she is deaf.

So, confused we will go to the two doctor appointments. At least I do need to give social security props for choosing doctors that are not too far away from our home...

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MichiganMom said...

You really couldn't make this stuff up. Good luck at these completely unnecessary appointments!