Thursday, August 22, 2013

Supplying the School

When you have children with significant disabilities and medical issues, the term 'school supplies' takes on a whole new meaning. Yes, we need a few of the regular things - markers, folders, glue sticks, etc. But we also need:
  • a spare g-tube
  • lubricant for the spare g-tube in case it must be used
  • bottles of medicine
  • syringes for administering the medicine
  • signed forms from the doctor saying it is ok to administer the medicine
  • extra catheters
  • lubricant for the catheters (different than the lubricant for the g-tube)
  • child and adult sized incontinence products
  • wipes and more wipes
  • tissues to further the misconception that they will help keep my children from catching illnesses
  • hand sanitizer (see above)
  • clorox wipes (see above)
  • Afrin nasal spray for stopping out-of-control nosebleeds
  • feminine hygiene products and ibuprofen for when those feminine hygiene products are needed
  • several extra pairs of clothing
  • the all important lists of all the doctors, diagnoses, surgeries, medicines, preferred hospitals, and insurance information that must accompany my children wherever they go
  • and all the other stuff I just can't remember right now but will remember as soon as the bus pulls away from our house that first day of school
What about you? What does your school supply list look like?

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