Friday, September 27, 2013

Our 15 Minutes

I was interviewed yesterday about the issue I wrote about Thursday - the backlog of Medicaid reauthorizations.  Here is a link to the story that appeared on our local news station:

State Backlog of Disabled Services Hurting Families


Just the Tip said...

awesome story. You wouldn't know where to start to help me on trying to reintroduce a bill that was shut down before. Something to the effect of people who have bladder/bowel issues are allowed to use any bathroom even if it isn't a public bathroom. P cannot hold it and we've been turned down 3 places now and I had to buy a travel potty..but she's 45lbs and isn't going to fit in the front floorboard of a car much longer (she barely fits now).

Ashley's Mom said...

How far did you get before on the bill? Did you have a patron for it in the General Assembly?

Just the Tip said...

Its the restroom access act. I dont know the specifics but it was voted on in January. I think its hb1375.

Ashley's Mom said...

Ok, let me check and see what I can find out.

Ashley's Mom said...

It was sponsored by Delegate K. Rob Krupicka ,(D) - House District 45. The bill itself was just left in committee, which in effect says "we don't feel like dealing with this right now."

Here's what the bill said, "Customer access to restrooms; civil penalty. Requires a retail establishment that has a toilet facility for its employees to allow a customer who suffers from Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or other medical condition that requires immediate access to a toilet facility, to use that facility during normal business hours if certain conditions are met. The measure does not apply to certain filling stations or service stations or to banks or savings institutions. The operator of a retail establishment that violates this requirement is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $100. A violation does not subject the retail establishment to further liability to the customer.

I would contact that delegate again and ask him if he would consider resurfacing it. Here is his mailing address and phone number:

P.O. Box 25455
Alexandria, Virginia 22313
(571) 357-4762

Just the Tip said...

thanks so much for all the info!