Thursday, October 10, 2013

Around The 'Net

How come I've never heard of this organization before - Kids Included Together? Have any of you heard of them or had any dealings with them? I saw a commercial on Netflix last night with this video:



This story has been floating around Facebook for a while now, but I still love it as much as the first time I saw it! See The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess


This is another one of those things that I don't know how I missed. Have you seen this movie, The Hammer?


Have you heard of D-PAN, the Deaf Professional Arts Network? I've included some of their music videos on this blog previously, but they have so much more to offer. I suggest you take a few minutes and wander around their website.


Molly said...

No experience with Kids Included Together, but looks interesting! And the kick-ass women thing NEVER gets old!

Spaz Girl said...

I'm a long-time lurker of this blog - I've worked with Kids Included Together extensively in helping to develop the I Am Norm campaign ( They are a GREAT organization with some of the kindest people I've ever met and I don't say that about organizations lightly.

Keep being kick-ass yourself! :)