Monday, October 7, 2013

One More Step

My sweet Ashley took another step towards independence this past weekend.  She opened a checking account - an account that is all hers, not shared with anyone else, with only her name attached to it.  She will now manage her own money (with some assistance as needed), but spending decisions will be hers.

I commend the folks at the Virginia Credit Union for being so helpful and accommodating.  They didn't ignore her disabilities, but they saw her - as a person, as a client, as a new credit union member.  The person that helped us spoke directly to Ashley, not to me, and understood that I would need to interpret into sign language.  She understood that Ashley needed some assistance finding the places to sign her name, and that her signature would look a lot like a doctor's!  When we were finished, she thanked Ashley and shook her hand.  Just like any other customer....

Ashley took another step into her future, and she did so proudly!


TOPGUN said...

Congratulations Ashley !

TOPGUN said...

Congratulations !