Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Commitment Unequaled

It’s been two years since the original request for services – services I strongly believed Ashley had a right to have. As expected, however, that request was quickly denied. That’s what you, your team and I expected, and so we marshaled our forces and set out to slay the evil dragon.

The road has been crooked with many potholes along the way, but I still believe we are getting closer. Ashley’s progress has been stilled, but if you and I can win this battle, she and a lot of other children will benefit in the long run. I believe a little quiet now will be worth the celebration in the future.

The latest ‘decision’ was not completely bad. Again, we are inching closer to victory, and I don’t want you to feel like you have failed Ashley. We’re going to get there – Ashley is going to get what she needs – and as always, you will be the conduit for that success.

So, thank you again, Jonathan. Thank you for believing in Ashley, and thank you for fighting her causes for the last eleven years.


Anonymous said...

What services are you trying to attain? We have always wanted respite with no luck. M is on the Autism Waiver List but it may as well be called the Autism Waiting List. It is ten plus years long and what exactly will we get when she reaches the top. Who knows.

Good luck and keep fighting! I have to admit that I have given up the fight for some years. Our neurologist is encouraging us to begin again but I have yet to. The thought just makes me want to curl up and go back to bed.

Anonymous said...

True Commitment is not measured in an attorney's work but, rather, in a mother's tears, sweat and devotion. Four or five cases (and every one was an honor) cannot hold even a very small candle to eleven years of unswerving, fierce love and loyalty.

Ashley's Mom said...

Jonathan, there you go making me cry at work again. What have I told you about that?!

Is there any doubt, dear readers, why I.LOVE.THIS.MAN!!!!

Ashley's Mom said...

Marla, I am trying to get some adaptive equipment in our bathroom to help Ashley be more independent with her self-care.

We are also on a long waiting list, the Developmental Disabilities Waiver.

Our state, and yours might also, does have a waiver that does not have a list and does provide respite. It's called the Elderly and Disabled Consumer Directed Waiver. For us, it's a place to get some services while waiting out the other waiver.

Ashley's Mom said...

Marla, email me with what state you live in, and I might be able to help you find a waiver with no waiting list.

Karen Putz said...

Hang in there, persistence pays off. :)