Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lucky Number 13

My baby girl turned 13 years old last Saturday. We began her celebration on Thursday by going to see the movie, Horton Hears A Who. Since Ashley is both significantly visually impaired and significantly hearing impaired, I had no idea if she would even sit through a movie. However, I was fully prepared to pay the outrageous entrance amount only to have to leave after just a few minutes. It was an experience I wanted her to have, and a decision I wanted her to be able to make for herself in the future. SHE LOVED IT! Not only did we stay through the whole movie, she insisted on watching every last credit roll off the screen. The ushers were cleaning the theatre while we sat and watched who the 5th assistant to the 3rd producer was. And, I must publicly thank her two brothers for joining us at the movie even though their movie of choice was Run Fatboy Run.

On Saturday, her birthday balloons and cake arrived, and we set out for lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant. Three enchiladas, two quesadillas and a pile of refried beans later, we headed home for cake and presents.

On Sunday, Ashley got to choose whatever she wanted to do. If her siblings didn’t want to do the same thing, it didn’t matter. I answered with “But it’s Ashley’s birthday.” I fully admit that as my baby, she is somewhat spoiled. After four days of increased spoiling, she was turning into quite the little diva.

As Monday morning rolled around, the crankiness set in when she realized it was time for Spring Break to end and school to resume. All I had to do was mention that she was having more cupcakes at school. The frowns then turned to giggles and getting on the school bus was not a problem.

So all in all, I think Ashley enjoyed her five day birthday celebration, even though at one point, in a moment of teenage angst, she turned and signed to me “12 again please”. And to those doctors who said she would never see her first birthday or walk or communicate, Ashley has some very special signs waiting just for you!


Casdok said...

A very happy birthday! 5 days! How wonderful!!
And just love your last line!!

Anonymous said...

Go Ashley! Happy birthday to a brand-new teenager! I recently discovered this blog and I love it. You're a wonderful mom.

Marla said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! I am so glad the movie was a positive experience. What fun!

MMC said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!
Sounds like you had a greeat one!