Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sharon's Prince

I stepped out of my cultural comfort zone last Saturday by attending a ‘biker wedding’. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Sharon, was getting married for the third time. Although she had, in her words, kissed a lot of frogs, she believes she has finally found her prince. And I agree wholeheartedly with her.

Before meeting John, her prince, Sharon was a single mother of two children, one with very significant disabilities. Her son, Dustin, is diagnosed with deafblindness, intellectual disabilities, and a very severe seizure disorder. Dustin is 15 years old and quite a handsome charmer, but life was difficult at best for Sharon. But John has changed all that.

John loves and adores Dustin and the feeling is mutual. It’s not easy to capture the trust and respect of a child with disabilities like Dustin’s, and it’s not easy to find a lifemate who is willing to share in such a parenting responsibility. So regardless of the biker lifestyle Sharon’s new family will share, the most important thing they will share is love. It was impossible not to see that in everyone’s eyes during the ceremony last Saturday.

I’m so very happy for Sharon, and like another of my single parent friends said, “There’s hope for us yet!” If either of us is lucky enough to find someone like John, our lives will be very blessed.

Congratulations Sharon and John!!


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A biker wedding. Awesome!