Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • for men who still wear well-tailored suits

  • for a glass of iced tea with an orange slice in it

  • that Amy, Ashley, Corey and I were able to finish the 5K race last weekend

  • for days that I can work from home and save on gas for my car

  • for my alarm clock that gently wakes me in the morning with soft music rather than an annoying loud buzz

  • when I can pull out some of last summer's clothes and they still fit

  • for dinner on the patio

  • that Senator Ted Kennedy felt well enough to leave the hospital and even wants to go sailing this weekend

  • for the first grilled hotdog of the summer season - and for everyone one after that

  • for the easier evenings that come with the approach of the school year's end


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I don't much care for well tailored suits. Too much time in NJ with guys who dressed to a T and were the meanest most sexest pigs around. Ugh. It ruined me forever in that sense.

Working from home is the best! We save a lot of money on gas since J works from home so often. We only need one car too.

Allie said...

Tailored suits? I wish it were so here in this redneck town that we have moved to.

Gosh, I have missed out on A LOT of your lives haven't I ... And, as per the norm, I always feel very insightful, thoughtful and even refreshed after visiting you. You have a great passion and writing talent to convey your thoughts.