Monday, June 2, 2008

Benedryl, Fly Guts and Snot

I remember the Friday nights of my youthful adulthood – the anticipation at the end of a long work week – the plans for a drink after work followed by dinner with friends – perhaps a movie or some other activity – not worrying about how late the night became because I knew I could sleep late the next morning. Then came the Friday nights of my mature adulthood…

This past Friday night, Miss Amy was preparing Ashley’s medicine which would be followed by the usual bedtime preparations and routines for Ashley. I was in the kitchen chatting with her and playing with Ashley when I noticed that one of my born-in-a-barn boys had let a fly in the house. The fly was happily buzzing around the kitchen window. I decided to get the flyswatter to kill it (a major accomplishment for me since I usually become quite unsettled whenever I see any kind of bug). I waited for the fly to stop flying and land on the window, and then I swatted hard and let the flyswatter drop (I don’t like killing bugs either because I might miss and then they would attack me). Amy started laughing so hard that she dropped the Benedryl she was preparing – the dog immediately came over to help ‘clean up’ the Benedryl from the floor – Amy, still bent over from laughing, raised her head and knocked her head on the cabinet overhead – and it was at that moment she and I realized that Ashley’s head was bent down because she was seeing just how long an unbroken string of nasal mucus she could dangle from her nose.

Ah yes, Friday nights…at least the dog slept well, Ashley’s nasal passages were clearer, and the fly, well the fly just had a really bad day.


Lynnette said...

Just read your blog and laughed hysterically - thank you for that unexpected joy in the middle of a crazy Monday. I remember when Friday nights meant pitching my tent after having rushed out of town early to beat the Friday evening rush hour traffic; Saturdays brought a day of exhausting, but spiritually cleansing, rock climbing. There was something to be said for spending weekends conquering mountains. I guess in some ways I still do that . . .I guess I was a mom in training!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how our lives have changed! A classic story.

J and I were talking about the wild road trips we used to take. Just picking a destination and taking off with little to no planning. It was so much fun. Now, we have to plan everything maticulously. Sigh. But, its our life and I love it no matter what.