Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How are WE doing today?

Things that annoy the h*ll out of me:

  • An hour and a half wait past an appointment time at the doctor's office - just to be taken back to an examination room to wait another 30 minutes.

  • Nurses who say "How are WE doing today?". WE are really ticked off at having to wait so long...

  • Being asked to state AGAIN the list of medications Ashley is taking when I have already written down the medicine name, the strength, and the dosing instructions and presented that written information to the same person who is asking the question.

  • The doctor, extremely attractive though he may be, apologizing for being "a little late".

  • And finally, a nurse chastising me for not bringing an MRI written report to the appointment - a report that had not even been produced by the time we left the hospital. Silly me, I thought the hospital would forward that written report to the doctor's office, JUST LIKE THEY HAVE DONE EVERY 3 MONTHS FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! I can totally relate. What is the deal with making me repeat all of the medications every visit. The doctor certainly knows by now that I will tell them if we tweaked any. Why don't they just keep an updated sheet of medications right on top. I too get so annoyed with that.

I also hate it when there is a student that comes in first. I know they have to learn but with Maizie's case I really don't feel like explaining much to a student. It takes too long and considering the many many times we have had to explain it I just can't do it if it is not truly needed.