Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful ...

  • For the creamy white giant blooms on my magnolia tree

  • That at least 95% of neighbors are now participating in curbside recycling

  • For Vietnamese food

  • For construction contractors who seem to really value their customer's comments about the projects they undertake

  • That there is only one more week of school!

  • And blessed to have a home with air conditioning and ceiling fans on days like today when a heat advisory is in effect

  • For cats - they have such a calming effect and I believe every office should have several and they should be invited to every staff meeting :)

  • That the Democratic primaries are FINALLY over

  • That yesterday Ashley let one of our cats kiss her

  • That I was able to spend a sick day at home with NO ONE ELSE around

1 comment:

Casdok said...

Cats in the office! Sounds a great idea!