Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Saintly Hypocrisy

In the wise words of my friend, Jane - "Yes, God is Love... whatever you do to the least of my brothers... let the little children come unto me.... Hypocrisy is nondenominational anyway."

Check out the story about a young man named Adam Race (pictured to the right) for an explanation of her comments:

Mom fights Church Ban on Her Autistic Son

And here are some other blogs I have written on this subject. Just for the record, my family still has not found a church to welcome us…

In Nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus

Still Searching

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Anonymous said...

I heard this story too. We found a church but now they are having problems and will probably be closing. Not sure yet but it makes me wonder what we will do.

We went to our old Catholic church for help before when M was very sick at age three and they refused to help us pay for a medication we really needed. Telling us they help large families first. I was livid. We have never went back since.