Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Growing Dreams

Ashley loves plants and flowers. From the first days she was able to wobble across our yard, she has headed straight for bushes and flowers. She seems to have an innate ability to know which plants are edible and which are not. So, just in case you were wondering – pansies are fine to eat, azaleas taste bitter, and honeysuckle is the best!

Because of Ashley’s enduring interest in plants and flowers, her school team and I have discussed the possibility of Ashley working in a greenhouse. So imagine my delight in finding the following website:

Growing Dreams

One of my favorite things about the website – the statement in the upper left corner – “We honor the concepts of humanity, dignity, respect, hard work, fellowship and friendship.”

I guess I am either going to have to move my family to Chicago or try to start a similar enterprise here!

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Marla said...

Awesome. M loves greenhouses too. I used to work as a special needs employment specialist and helped a young man find a job in a greenhouse. He loved it. That would be perfect for Ashley.