Friday, August 22, 2008

Son Shine

How can this be? Just yesterday, I sat in my rocking chair, my tiny son at my breast, and wondering how I would ever cope as a single parent. I had finally convinced my abusive, alcoholic husband to leave, but in my darkest moments I wondered which was worse – staying in the abusive relationship or being a single parent. The answer came as I watched my dear son, Chip, grow and mature.

Today Chip is almost 18 years old. He will be graduating from high school this year, and he is excited at all the options his future holds. He is a really good man – kind, generous, intelligent, caring, and compassionate. He has grown up with three adopted siblings with disabilities, and he feels he is a better person for that experience. I agree with him.

I believe I made the right decision almost 18 years ago. Single parenting has been very difficult, but I need only look into my oldest son’s eyes to know that his peace is my peace.

I am so very proud of you, Chip, and I love you more than life itself.

The absolutely gorgeous photo of Chip was taken by the best photographer in the world - my brother, Carl, of Hampton Roads Photography.


Amazing_Grace said...

WOW! Being a single mom and raising 4 kids!!!! And three have disabilities! You are definitely Wonder Woman!!!! :)

Ashley's Mom said...

Or Crazy woman perhaps!

Amazing_Grace said...

How about CRAZY Wonder Woman?!

Allie said...

No not crazy ... you are amazing and beautiful!

Happy Birthday Chip!!

Attila the Mom said...

Happy almost birthday Chip!