Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • for the little food cart on the corner near my office. I love their sesame pasta!

  • that I have just one more day to work before leaving for the Pathways to Possibilities conference in Virginia Beach. That will be work also, but work I love.

  • that I now have a bathtub, a ceiling and walls in my being-remodeled bathroom.

  • for machines that laminate. I don't know, there's just something so slick about it for an anal retentive person like me.

  • for manila file folders - back to that anal retentive stuff again

  • that next week I will get to see Lynnette and the beautiful Brooke. I have really missed you guys.

  • for times when I get to just sit and watch the birds play in my birdbath. My two cats are usually sitting next to me, but I can almost guarantee we are not thinking the same thoughts.

  • for root beer floats.

  • for neighbors who check on each other.

  • for friends who surprise you with a text message when you least expect it.

1 comment:

blessedwith5 said...

I totally love your list and can relate to almost all of them!