Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful...

  • that Ashley and I survived a bout of the flu. I haven't seen Ashley that sick in many years and it was extremely scary.

  • for really good books - ones that I enjoy reading so much that I try to read slowly so they won't end. I'm reading one now titled "Scarpetta".

  • for Dr. Wright at my children's pediatrician's office. Dr. Wright is wonderful with Ashley. She touches her gently to let her know she is in the room. She indicates to Ashley just what she is going to do by lightly touching the area she is going to be examining. And one of the things that impressed me the most was how she just sat and looked intently at Ashley. She said a doctor could get a pretty good reading on how sick a child was by just watching quietly for a few moments. Thank you, Dr. Wright

  • for my inhaler. I have needed it a lot this past week.

  • for pharmacies that deliver medicine to your home

  • that on really cold mornings, Ashley will wear her warm hat without a fight

  • for friends who don't mind if you complain a lot about your job

  • for oatmeal with peaches on a cold winter morning

  • for ottomans. There's nothing better than being finished with my nightly chores, sitting on the couch and putting my feet up on my ottoman

  • for those unexpectedly warm days in the middle of winter. Tomorrow morning the temperature is predicted to be 19 degrees. By Saturday, it is forecast to be sixty five degrees.

  • for friends that you know really mean it when they say call anytime if you need anything (thank you Lynnette and Amy).


Sandi said...

Great list!! I love Patricia Cornwell's books...can't wait to get Scarpetta. I know what you mean about reading good books slowly because you don't want them to end :-)

Ashley's Mom said...

Sandi, I'd be happy to send you my copy of Scarpetta once I'm finished. I think good books should be shared not stacked on a shelf!

Holly said...

I love Scarpetta, and good friends. I love thankful lists, makes me remember how thankful I am.