Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Butterfly Emerges

Today was an important day for my daughter, Jessica. Today Jessica's team and I decided that she no longer needs the services of a behavioral therapist.

In 2007 I wrote about Jessica's Reactive Attachment Disorder diagnosis. And later that year, I wrote about Jessica's team adopting the Positive Behavioral Supports approach to helping her learn to manage her aggressive tendencies.

Today I am so very happy to report that Jessica is maturing into a fine young woman, and she, her team and I feel she will be just fine without the behavior specialist that has helped her for the last three years.

In June, Jessica will be moving to an adult group home. She will be starting volunteer work, and she will work with our state's Department of Rehabilitative Services to find a job that she likes.

The early years of Jessica's adoption were so very difficult for everyone - her school, her daycare, and most especially her family. Jessica broke two of my ribs during one of her rages. She hit a child in a wheelchair so hard one time that she knocked the child and the wheelchair over. She also threw a rock into the back of another child's head. And these are just a few examples of what could happen during her rages.

But today I hope that families who might be going through the same difficult times will look at Jessica and realize that there is hope. Learning to control anger has not been easy for Jessica. Learning to get along and build relationships with people has been a struggle. Having hope and a vision for the future has also been difficult. But she is doing it...

I have always been proud to call her my daughter, but never more than I am today.

I love you, Jessica.


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Yay Jessica, congrats for all your successes.