Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday and Saturday


Ashley's MRI went ok. She's been having these every 6 months for the past three years, and I hoped that over time she would get used to the hospital, the people, and the procedure. She seems to have done that to some degree.

The first couple of years, she was so anxious when we arrived at the hospital that she was given a medicine to relax her prior to the actual anesthesia. That worked well except for one thing. When she had that medicine in combination with the anesthesia, she was really, really slow at waking up. That scared me to death.

But the last time (prior to Friday's visit), she seemed relaxed enough to skip the first medication. We still have a bit of a struggle getting her onto the stretcher, but after the procedure, she woke up quickly and was ready to go home. She was almost back to her normal, happy self by the time we arrived home.

On Friday, the staff moved quickly, and we didn't have to wait long. Because of that, I decided to skip the first medication again. She was fine until she saw the stretcher. There was no way she was going to get on it.

I tried bribing her with the nurse's watch. I tried my sweet mommy voice. I tried my stern mommy voice. Those things were all a waste of time because Ashley was NOT going to get on the stretcher.

Keep in mind that Ashley is 15 years old and as strong as a WWF wrestler. Even though I tried to physically get her on the stretcher, it was a task that was doomed to failure. At that point, the anesthesiologist suggested we try a different kind of medication - Ketamine. He said it was a shot and would start to work in about 3 minutes. I agreed, and at exactly 3 minutes, Ashley got loopy. It still took the anesthesiologist holding her top half and Chip, my 19 year old son, holding her bottom half to get her on the stretcher, but finally she was there and nodding off.

I worried that she might have a tough time waking in the recovery room after the Ketamine. She woke up pretty quickly but she was loopy for almost the rest of the day. Like a drunken sailor....

Chip and I got her home and she spent the rest of the day on the couch. I'm not sure how I feel about the Ketamine though. I may have to do some research before agreeing to use it again. I really didn't like seeing Ashley so out of it for so long..


We couldn't have picked a worse day to go to Busch Gardens. I figured it was early enough in the season that it wouldn't be crowded yet. What I didn't take into account were the thousands of middle school music students from across Virginia who were there to do something musical....Not sure what, but really sure that it was super crowded.

Each school district had their students in matching teeshirts. I stopped counting the different colors of teeshirts the students were wearing, but it was like a giant rainbow had vomited all over the park.

Now I like middle school students, but I have decided that I only like them in small numbers - less than 100, for example. It was really difficult pushing two wheelchairs through the crowds, and the lines at all the rides were just too long to wait in. Add to that the 85 degree temperature, and our first visit of the season was a disaster.

We have season tickets, so we will be going back frequently. But, since this was Ronnie's first visit, he was not very happy. He wanted to stay and do more, and no amount of reassuring him that we would be back would work.

Hopefully he will forgive me, and maybe, just maybe, I will spring him from school early one day and we will go without the crowds!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

What a wonderful idea to possibly go early.

Many football stadiums run tours of the ground for fans and others who are interested.