Monday, May 3, 2010

The Need For Speed

Everytime a family rides past our house on their bikes, Ronnie looks longingly at them. When we passed a bicycle display at Target, he got a sad look on his face.

But then we saw a commercial on TV for the Razor Go-Cart. It's electric and does not require the use of the rider's legs or feet. The throttle, the steering and the brake are all hand-controlled. And, it's so low to the ground that Ronnie won't be able to tip over and fall out.

He got so excited the first time he saw it on TV, and then every subsequent time, he would sign "I love that"! So how could I refuse when my 19 year old son, Chip, found out that Toys R Us had one in stock.

We took Ronnie to the store to make sure the Razor was the right size for him, and it was. In fact, the specs say a person up to 140 pounds can ride. Ronnie is slightly less than 100 pounds. He scooted out of his wheelchair and climbed into the Razor. The store could have turned off all their lights because Ronnie's smile lit up the world!

And of course, we had to have to coolest helmet and the blue mirror sunglasses to complete to look!


Azaera said...

That's way cooler than any bike!! He looks like a race car driver! Go Ronnie!!

Cheryl said...

what about a handcycle?

Ashley's Mom said...

Cheryl, yes, a handcycle would be good, and I will be working with our physical therapist to see if Medicaid will pay for it. Most of the handcycles I have seen are in the price range of $1500-3000. Ronnie's new little buggy only cost $250.

MMC said...

Whoa, he could totally do the Darth Vader thing in that helmet! Congrats, Ronnie. I hope he has a blast with it.

Rubypat said...

What an awesome experience for Ronnie. There are so few things available for our special 'wheelchair kids' that make them feel 'normal'. I bought my then 4 year old a purpose built bike, with supports, and an adult 'handle' to assist her and she just loved to 'ride her bike'. Unfortunately she has not had the strength or balance to do so for the past two years so we handed the bike on to someone else. Ronnie looks as if he is in 'riding heaven'. God bless.