Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Mess With The Girl

Boy orange ball! Boy orange ball!!! BOY ORANGE BALL!

Yesterday in school, Ashley and a classmate were playing a marble chase game. Apparently the classmate, not understanding that orange is a sacred color to Ashley, and orange on a ball is the highest order of the Holy Spirit, decided to take the orange marble and leave the game.

Ashley – the child my school district told me many years ago would never be able to communicate – the child they said would always need an advocate because she would be incapable of advocating for herself – the child they claimed would always be in her own little world due to her deafblindness – WENT TO A TEACHER AND TATTLED ON HER CLASSMATE!

School district, can you hear her now???


Stargirl said...

When I was younger, I learned never to doubt the abilities of others. The girl I babysit is 3 and has the mind of a 1 year old. They told her parents she would never be able to walk, or communicate. She is now learning sign language , and can take a few steps by herself.
I am proud of Ashley! She sounds like she is the type who is happy and never gives up!

Michele| Lilyputts Gift Baskets said...

Being a mom of a special needs child, I know how this make you feel! This is so cool. I love to hear success stories.

Attila The Mom said...