Monday, June 14, 2010

Glowing Golf

It was another hot, sweltering Sunday afternoon. I really can't imagine what it will be like when August gets here. Fortunately, our city has a lot of indoor entertainment for days when you go outside and it seems your skin is melting. Today we went to Glow Golf!

Glow Golf was a perfect choice for everyone. The boys loved playing minature golf in the dark and seeing which articles of their clothing would glow. Ashley loved all the glowing lights - it was quite a sensory experience for her. Everyone got glow bracelets when we started, and Ronnie loved putting them all together into a necklace.

To make it even better, Glow Golf's admission price is lowered if anyone in your party has a disability. Instead of $8 per person for 3 games of 18 hole minigolf, the price was $6. The only other place I have ever been to that reduces or waives admission prices for people with disabilities is the Norfolk, Virginia Zoo.

The surprise winner of the day was Ronnie! Besides two hole-in-ones on the course, he was the only person who got his ball in at the "Prize Hole' at the end of the course, which scored him free admission anytime within the next 60 days. He was so proud of himself, and even wanted to watch golf on TV when he got home.

He just might have his sights set on being the next Tiger Woods (without the sex addiction, of course!)!


Carl Anderson said...

We have to go there on our next visit!

MB said...

Glow golf looks awesome!!

You can get an access pass which will let the family into any national park for free for life!