Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technology Tidbits

Because I believe the appropriate application of technology could hold a key piece of the future’s puzzle for our children with significant disabilities, I love to peruse technology websites. Probably also contributing to that interest is the fact that I am a computer engineer, but the things that catch my eye always are products that could benefit people with disabilities.

Here are a few interesting things I have found over the last couple of weeks.

For the red/green color blind, traffic signals pose a significant problem. Sometimes, however, the simplest solutions are the best. Check out the Uni-light which uses different shapes rather than different colors for traffic lights.

While the technology below is not new, its application is. Police officers and the Deaf have always faced a large communication gap. Now, using video phone technology, some police departments are working to reduce that gap.

Helping the Deaf and Police Officers Communicate

I’ve written before about the hazards of very quiet electric cars to the blind. Well, it seems those cars are about to get a little louder to protect blind pedestrians. While this change is not being embraced by everyone, those of us who are either blind or have a blind family member, welcome the change.

A noisy car is not going to help the Deaf pedestrian though. Here is a story about a Deaf man who was struck by a car. Is there technology that can help with this issue, or is it just a problem of the person not paying attention to traffic? I’m not sure of the answer to that question….

What about you? Have you run across any interested technology recently?

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