Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Future Awaits

Eighteen years ago today, your birth mother brought you into this world. Six years ago, your family brought you to me.

Those six years have not always been easy, but I believe that along the way you have learned what a loving family is like. You have been given wings and been allowed to stretch them. You have experimented with life in a safe environment, and are forming your path for the future.

The first twelve years of your life were lived in a way that shouldn't have been. But you amaze me with your resilience and your willingness to move forward when others in the same situation would have stood still.

Your future is waiting, and I pray you will remember the lessons of these last six years. Never lose your compassionate heart - never compromise the things in which you believe - try not to choose the wrong path that others in your past chose for you.

Stay strong - believe in yourself - and always, always keep love in your heart.

Happy Birthday, Corey!
Corey's Mom


Carl Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Corey!

Azaera said...

Happy birthday to both your boys.

mommy~dearest said...

Ah! Missed another one! I seriously am behind. Happy belated birthday, Corey!!!