Monday, January 31, 2011

Champions Every One

I yelled and cheered until I was hoarse, but he never heard me.

The crowd on the bleachers went crazy and stood up clapping, but he never heard them.

But I know he felt it all! After sinking a basket at the wheelchair basketball tournament this past Saturday, he would pump both arms in the air, and then immediately turn to find me in the crowd. He knows, really knows, how very, very proud I am of him - whether he hears me or not!

We drove to North Carolina, about 3 hours away, to participate in the tournament. There were lots of teams, and this was the first time Ronnie's team had ever played a real game. Until then, they had only played against each other. They learned a lot, and still had a great time.

They even played the world champion junior wheelchair basketball team. They lost but held that team from scoring until 9 minutes into the game. Their coach said that had never happened!

Way to go, Lazy Legs! You are all champions!


Janet said...

I love that Ronnie :knows"

AZ Chapman said...

congrats R i have a b ball tourny this Sat