Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 16th!

Ronnie's birthday was last Monday, and we had our family celebration that day. But this past Saturday, he had his official birtday party with his friends at Dave and Busters. It was great fun, and one thing made it especially great for him - his friend, Mark, from the town in which Ronnie used to live, came down with his family for the party!

Mark and Ronnie had gone to school together since kindergarten. Ronnie's move to Richmond would be the separating factor for the boys. They stay in touch via our video phone (both are Deaf), and in fact, spend at least an hour a day on the phone.

I had seen and talked to Mark on the phone, but it was wonderful to finally meet him in person along with his lovely family.

Although a couple of friends that had been invited cancelled at the last minute due to illness, Ronnie's girlfriend and another girl rounded out the party. They all had a blast, and I believe Ronnie had a wonderful day! Here are some pictures:

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