Friday, May 20, 2011

The Bequest

Family heirlooms are not always made of silver and gold.

The tuxedo originally belonged to my Uncle Joe. He was the only one of 13 siblings who had a need and money for such a luxury back in the 50’s. Uncle Joe passed away in 1972, and when his siblings were helping to sort out his possessions, my father took the tuxedo.

The tux hung in my parent’s guest room closet for many years covered in silk to keep the dust at bay. I asked one day if I could have it to wear to a fancy event. I paired it with a ruffled blouse, and at that time, was very much in fashion in such an outfit.

Then the tux hung in my closet for many years. A friend borrowed it for her son’s school play. Another friend borrowed for a last minute school dance need. After each use, it was sent to the cleaners and then hung in its silk and moved back to its closet.

And now it is coming out again.

Ronnie was invited to the senior prom by one of his girl friends. As a sophomore, he couldn’t attend without such an invitation, but everything is set for this Saturday night. He will don the family heirloom for his night of revelry. He tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I don’t know how it has always been a perfect fit for everyone who needed it, but it has.

I don’t know what the future holds for this tuxedo. It still looks brand new, and because of its very classic style, it’s as chic now as it was in 1950. Ronnie looks so handsome in it, and I am thrilled that it is seeing a third generation in my family.

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