Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away - At Least for 15 Minutes

Okay, we've had enough rain now. It needs to stop.

Mother Nature, do you understand how difficult it is for kids with canes and kids with wheelchairs to get around in the rain? There's no such thing as making a mad dash for the school bus in the morning.

Ronnie's wheelchair wheels throw water up on his arms and even with an umbrella being held over him, his legs still get soaking wet.

Ashley can only go so fast with her cane and holding on to my arm. Running frightens her, and she can't see the puddles that she splashes in. She starts the school day with wet shoes and socks.

I know we need the rain, but couldn't it just stop from 7:45 am until 8:00 am? Then the kids could get on the bus dry, and alight under the cover at school, staying dry and comfortable.

My lawn thanks you, Mother Nature. My newly planted garden thanks you. But, my kids don't.

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