Friday, May 6, 2011

A Mother's Day Experiment

I know that there are many, many special things about your children, just as there are about mine. But let’s do something in honor of Mother’s Day.

Tell me one special thing about each of your children. I know it might be difficult to narrow it down to one thing, but just put the first thing that comes to your mind. Here’s mine:

One of the most intelligent and caring men I have ever known. And, he is only 20 years old.

So comfortable working with young children and animals. He really should consider a future in one of those areas, but the military is issuing its siren call.

Never holds a grudge. People can say mean things to her, or make fun of her, and though she is immediately angered and hurt, she will forgive in a moment.

The most inquisitive and fearless child I know. Those qualities have really served her well considering her disabilities.

A heart full of hope when it could be filled with anything but that. Even the hard life he has led up to now has not kept his spirits down.

Now, sometime on Mother’s Day, ask your children to describe the quality they like most about you. Then come back on Monday and let me know what they said!

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mommy~dearest said...

From my 4yo: My mom is the best because she makes me breakfast!

From my 9yo: My mom is the best because I love her!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!