Monday, May 9, 2011

A Lot of Thank You

Ronnie gave me the sweetest Mother's Day present. It was a small bowl in the summer colors that I like so much, filled with candy and a handful of small cards - about the size of business cards. On each one, he wrote a 'Thank you' note.

Here's a picture, and then the 'Thank You' notes...I think he's a keeper, don't you?!

"Thank you for helping the State of Virginia at your job"

Our family makes lots of dirty dishes. Thank you for washing them"

"I like it when you make cake for me"

"Thank you for giving me a home and for giving me a good life"

"Thank you for talking to me and using sign language"

"I think you will take me to find out about my implants"

"Thank you for letting me play baseball in June"

"Thank you for buying me clothes. Buying clothes is expensive"

"Thank you for driving me to basketball. I like playing with my friends"

"Thank you for doing lots of laundry for us"

"Thank you for buying food for our family"

"Thank you for driving me to many doctor appointments"

"Thank you for driving me to PT so I can learn to walk"

"Thank you for cleaning the house"

"Thank you for taking care of Ashley, Corey, Chip, Jessica and me"


Jules said...

I am crying. That is lovely.

MMC said...

Aw, that is so sweet.
Some of the things he thanked you for, though - it has to make you wonder what he has heard or overheard at other houses.