Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Go Another Way, Why Don't You?

Do you think I can't see the disgusted look on your face?

Or the impatient drumming of your fingers on the steering wheel?

Do you really think that gunning your motor is impressing anyone?

Or that the way you inch forward over and over again will make us all move faster?

If five minutes is going to make you really late for wherever you are headed, why don't you just turn around and go another way?

I know you live in my neighborhood because I see your car at the same time every morning. Haven't you figured out that the bus that picks up two of my children arrives at exactly the same time each morning?

It takes more than a few minutes for my children to get on the school bus. The aide must get off the bus, open the door to the wheelchair ramp, lower the ramp, help my son back his wheelchair onto the ramp, buckle the safetly strap around him, raise the ramp, shut the door and secure it.

Then the aide must make her way back onto the bus while I help my blind daughter find her way to the bus steps. The aide stands at the top, takes my daughter's backpack, then reaches out to help my daughter get on the bus.

Then after everyone is seated and secured, the bus can move.

And you, very impatient, rude person can speed up, just to get more frustrated when the bus has to stop again.

I'm really glad that you are not one of my co-workers, because if you act that way when two children with disabilities are boarding the bus for school, I can just imagine what an a** you are in the office.

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