Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project Search

It's amazing what a change in leadership has made in my school district. When I started this blog four years ago, I wrote many posts about the struggles and challenges of ensuring my children received an appropriate education. I survived complaints with our state department of education as well as a due process. It seemed every year got worse.

Then there was a major housecleaning at my school district's central office.

My recent posts about securing an appropriate education are much more positive. Like I mentioned last week, I'm even sad to see this school year end. And, a news story appeared last week that highlights even further the progress my school district has made.

The story was about something called Project Search -- a program to help connect high school students with Autism with perspective employers.

As parents of children with Autism know, finding employment after school ends is extremely difficult. In fact, according to one of the leaders of Project Search, 86% of students with Autism are unemployed after graduation. But Project Search is changing that.

Take a moment to read this story, and see what a positive difference the partnership between my school district, one of our local universities, and a private employer have made in the lives of eight students.

It's truly amazing what can be accomplished when everyone works together to ensure a good future for our children!

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